More than just the Fair!

More than just the Fair!

I’m not sure why they call it Alameda County FAIR-grounds when there are so many different kinds of cool events that happen here throughout the entire year!

While it may be best known as home to the Alameda County Fair, the Fairgrounds also plays host to a continuous stream of exclusive shopping, entertainment & special interest events just about every weekend. The Scottish Highland Games, Pirates of Emerson, Circus Vargas and Goodguys Car Shows are some of the big ones, but there are still a ton of great smaller events like the Pet Fair or Harvest Festival that continue to draw new fans every year. And, as someone who enjoys beads and making things, the Gem Faire happens twice a year and is always a lot of fun.

We also just had a brand new event we’re really excited about called Nor Cal Night Market that drew huge crowds for its Pleasanton premiere. The Night Market is an evening-into-night event that features artisan vendors, live entertainment, games, eclectic food trucks and more. If you missed it this time, the Night Market will be back again in September.

“But I how do I find out which events are coming up?” you might ask. The best way to is to simply visit the Fairgrounds website and click on the “Event Calendar” bar on the homepage. That will take to you to the listings page for the current month, but there is also a menu tab right there where you can choose any month. Just scroll down to see informational listings & links for every upcoming event at

If you follow the Fair on Facebook (which I highly recommend) you will also find information on the Events page and in the news feed. We also frequently run contests and promotions to give away tickets to some of these events, so it’s definitely worth your while to stay connected.

The Fairgrounds’ event schedule is always growing and evolving, but here’s a sampling you might want to check out in advance:


  • Goodguys Car Shows – August, November, March & June
  • Quilt, Craft & Sewing Show – September
  • Fly Fishing – February
  • Stamp & Scrapbook Expo – March
  • Gem Faire – March, August
  • Robo Games – April
  • Doll & Bear Show – May
  • Rugged Maniac (fitness challenge) – May

Cultural Events:

  • Scottish Games – September
  • Diwali Festival of Lights – October
  • Hula Festival – November
  • Now Roz Festival – April
  • Hawaiian May Day – May


  • Nor Cal Night Market – September, May, July
  • Pumpkin Patch – October
  • Home & Garden Show – October, February
  • Harvest Festival – October
  • Christmas Trees – December
  • RV Show – January



  • Pet Fair – September
  • Harvest Moon Classic Dog Show – October
  • All-Breed Cat Show – April
  • Nor Cal Reptile Expo



  • Circus Vargas – August
  • Pirates of Emerson (haunted experience) – October
  • T Rex Planet – February
  • Bingo 5 Nights a Week at Pleasanton Off Track Betting, all year