Our Marketing Team Shopped the Fair

Our Marketing Team Shopped the Fair

Who doesn’t love shopping at the Fair?! For all of us who work here, it’s definitely one of the things we look forward to every year. From fun clothes, jewelry & beauty products to crafts, spices, cookware and gadgets, the Fair offers great deals and tons of unique stuff you might not find anywhere else.


We challenged our marketing team to shop & share their picks and you can see all of their fantastic finds below. Some have favorite go-to vendors they visit each year and others found brand new surprises. So, get your shopping game on and check out all the treasures that await you at the Fair — we’re pretty sure you’ll find a few of your own!


Megan, Marketing Intern

Cold-Pressed Juice from Hidden Star Orchards

Located in Artisan Alley

“My favorite vendor is Hidden Star Orchards located in Artisan Alley! They sell amazing Cold Pressed juice. Some of the flavors are Apple, Apple Cherry, Apple Grape, Apple Lemon and Apple Pomegranate. My favorite has to be the Apple Cherry. Their prices are not that bad either — one for $3 or two for $5. I cannot forget to add the fact that all of their juices are sold super cold and really refreshing!”


Kristin, Marketing Project Lead

Jewelry at M.A.Q. Handmade Jewelry in Artisan Alley

“I love original jewelry and my favorite spot is in Artisan Alley, an open-air marketplace across from Building C where artists sell their crafts. M.A.Q. is located right in the middle and all of their pieces are original and beautiful. If you love handmade jewelry, you will love their one-of-a-kind necklaces, rings, earrings and more.”


Pat, Web Designer & Videographer

Wayra Tribal Winds CD from Waykey Native Spirit

Located outside Building B

“You’ve probably seen this vendor for many years in the same location playing his distinctive tribal music. I highly recommended his CD that features traditional Native American music with a modern twist. Very relaxing – a bit of tranquility in every song.”

We should mention that Kristin’s teenage daughter, Bridget, also chose this same vendor as her favorite place to shop at the Fair. The main part of the booth sells all kinds of imported items like clothes, jewelry, woven bracelets, wallets and more from Ecuador, Mexico & other exotic locales. There’s no need to travel afar for a cute poncho or colorful tote bag when you can get it all right here!


Karl, Video Intern

The Knapbag from Knapbag vendor

Located in Building A

“This Knapbag is great for taking a nap or lounging whenever and wherever. It’s super lightweight with no batteries or air pump needed. It’s great for anyone on the go!”


Mariah, Marketing Intern

Anklet at All That Glitters


Located in Building B

“The place where I really enjoy shopping at the fair is All That Glitters jewelry located in building B. It’s owned by a very friendly couple who have been selling at the Alameda County Fair since 2004. They offer bracelets, anklets and necklaces with a lifetime replacement guarantee! I purchased an anklet for only $1.50 an inch. I really like this place because they gave me something I will wear every day for a great price.”


Tracy, Marketing Coordinator

Cute boots at 3 Wandering Gypsy’s Footwear


Located in Building A

“I love shoes and this place packs plenty of temptation in a small space! Most or all of this vendor’s items are L’Artiste brand which features some really cute & unique designs like these vintage-look short boots in blue. With so many fun styles, the hard part is just deciding which ones to get!

Jo Ann 21 Aloe Vera Skin Healing Cream at Jo Ann Booth

Located in Building B

I would also like to give a shout-out to Jo Ann 21 Aloe Vera Skin Healing Cream at the Jo Ann booth in Building B. This is great stuff and I like to pick up a jar or two whenever they’re here. Their booth always seems to be busy with return customers who rave about the product and talk about how they stock up at the Fair every year.”


Angel, VP Marketing & Business Development

Fancy candy apples at DeBrito’s

Located in Building B

“These gourmet candy apples are hard to resist and I usually end up buying several of them during the Fair to treat my staff or to give as gifts. DeBrito’s offers more than 45 different flavors from simple caramel or red cinnamon to over-the-top creations like Apple Pie a la Mode, Snicker Wrapple and New York Blueberry Cheesecake. The apples are fresh, huge and delicious and everyone loves them. You will be hooked after the first bite!”


Jen, Graphic Designer

Henna Tattoo at Henna Temporary Body Art

Located in Artisan Alley

“This is such a fun booth! My favorite part is watching the artist create intricate designs with steady hands. Henna art uses a lot of motifs and patterns that stem from nature and the designs last for a few days or weeks depending on how long the paste is left on the skin. It’s harmless, not permanent and looks beautiful. I plan to get one as soon as I can figure out which design I want!


Amy, Attendant, Small Animals Building

Squishy Toys at Squish’ems

Located in Building A

Kristin’s other teenage daughter, Amy, works in the Fair’s Small Animals building and just loves the squishy toys in fun shapes she found at the Squish’ems booth. According to Amy, these aren’t just your average stress balls – Squish’ems are extra super squishy, come in different sizes AND they are scented! Amy likes the teddy bear that smells like chocolate, as well as the cake & watermelon. She hopes to collect a few by the time the Fair ends!