Teen Things At The Fair

Teen Things At The Fair

No one is ever too cool to enjoy a summer day at the fair! Working here this summer has shown me tons of amazing things the fair has to offer for all ages. As someone who connects with a younger crowd (teens), I wanted to share some of the things you can do:

Is there a teen out there that isn’t on Instagram? Around 8’oclock every night the sun starts to go down and the carnival gets lit up creating a picture perfect image to capture. Hop on one of the Ferris Wheels and get the best view of the fair to post on Instagram.

I’d say the highlight of my experience here was seeing Sean Kingston preform. Every summer the fair has a few artists that tend to be a bit more hip and selected just for us! Sneaking in an hour or two to dance and sing along to great live music is truly a blast. Before fair, take a look at the concert schedule and come on a day you can enjoy one of your favorite artists.

Who doesn’t love to eat?! Personally, I love all food and can’t get enough. There are so many types of food at the Fair you can’t find anywhere else. Some advice I would give for an individual that plans to spend a day here like myself, would be to come on a Thursday and take advantage of our $2 Fair Food bites! On Thursdays nearly every food vendor offers a classic fair food item for only two dollars. Keep in mind they are smaller portions so you may want to get a few different ones. It still saves a lot of money and allows you to get a taste of everything.

You can’t come to the fair without getting a few rides in! My absolute favorite ride is new to the fair this year and is called the Turbo. It’s definitely for someone who enjoys a thrill! Turbo is stomach dropping with an amazing, upside-down view of the fair. A must see if you are a fan of crazy rides. The next best ride for someone a little more on the cautious side would be the White Water Log Flume. Main reason I suggest this one is because it gets HOT! What better way to cool down than a water ride?

I know all of you have pondered the thought of a tattoo, at least once. Well, how about a guilt-free henna tattoo? Henna ink comes from a flower that makes a temporary stain on the skin leaving a tattoo like design. We have some of the most amazing artists who offer henna tattoo at a great price right here at Artisan Alley.

One of the best things fair has to offer every year is shopping. There are all kinds of things to buy here for all types of people. I don’t think there’s an age limit to shopping, so I would spend at least an hour of my day walking through the shopping areas. It’s interesting to see what types of things are being sold here even if you don’t have any money to spend. I am a notorious window shopper and it’s a great way to sneak in a couple samples as well.

Last but not least what would be a better summer job than working for a place as fun as the fair? The Fair has lots of spots that need to be filled every summer from ticket takers to working with livestock, so there’ something for everyone. It’s a quite an ideal summer job because you can make all the money you need during the first half, then spend the second half with enough money to make even more memories with all your friends!