The Farm

The Farm

We’re building a Farm! A state of the art urban farm. Right here on the grounds.

When you google the word “farm” you are immediately transported back in time to open space, red and white barns and the reliable green tractor in the field. And while this is a huge part of our Agricultural footprint the landscape of modern day farming is changing – in the best way!

I want you to imagine a real, working, state-of-the art urban farm where curious young minds can experience the wonder of modern-day farming through sight, sound, taste & touch. Through STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture & Math) educational exhibits and classrooms, school groups from all over Alameda County will be able to come in for experiential tours. Farming is no longer stereotyped by a man and his pitchfork. Modern day farming involves, robots, engineers, drones, water conservation, weather studies, renewable energy sources, applied mathematics, health, nutrition, animal husbandry, plant science and so much more…and The Farm plans to have it all!

We are so excited about this project. While showcasing modern technologies and processes we will also be teaching about the history of agriculture in Alameda County. Agriculture has been a huge part of Alameda County since the 1800’s. At The Farm, students will learn about the industry, where their food comes from, have some hands on experiences and see where a career in Agriculture can take them.

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