Top 7 Money Saving Hacks for the Fair

Top 7 Money Saving Hacks for the Fair

We talked to staffers, friends, and neighbors to get their views on the money saving hacks, because we want you to be able to the Fair like we do. We know how to get the most out of the Fair while saving money along the way.


Money Saving Hack #1:
Buy tickets in advance or come to the Fair on a discount day! We all buy discount tickets before the Fair opens. The carnival wristband and parking passes are the golden tickets to saving money. Look for admission deals think Groupon, Val Pak Coupons, Lucky stores, and so many more. You can save up to $7 per carnival wristband, many of our families are on a budget and this is a hack you don’t want to pass on. Our team also tells us that many of their friends and family come to the Fair Wednesday – Friday when there different promotions (check website) until 5pm.

Money Saving Hack #2:
PACK YOUR OWN LUNCH! Many of our kids want to come to the Fair every single day! We pack a lunch (check the website for what is allowed) and use a refillable bottle of water. I then allow my kids to grab any sweet treat they want.

FAIR FOOD ON A BUDGET! On Kids FREE Thursdays, we also have $2 bite size treats available at every single food stand. Some staffers allow their kids to eat whatever they want on Thursdays before 5pm, here’s why; each food stand offers one food or drink items for just $2 bucks! Sausage, a single taco, a small dole whip ice cream, mini corn dogs, and the list goes on and on….The kids love Thursdays at the Fair. Get here early, this deal ends at 5pm!

VISIT the 4H CAKE BOOTH, we love it, it’s in Building A and has the best deals on home-made cakes, cookies, and pies. You will not find a better deal on a sweet treat, every single day of the Fair. We like that this booth benefits 4H groups throughout Alameda County.

Money Saving Hack #3:
We know this one is crazy, but you can walk, yes walk to the Fair. Many of our neighbors do and they save on parking. This one we hear from the locals, they ride their bikes to the Fair and park for FREE at the Yellow Gate entrance (4501 Pleasanton Ave, just google it). Don’t forget your bike lock, those that ride tell us they don’t feel guilty when they eat the deep fried Oreo!



Money Saving Hack #4:
We hear through a network of friends that you could come to the Fair and actually make money! Yes, at the horse races, where admission is FREE. I asked the question: “How do I bet the ponies?” And someone answered: “Go to the Daily Racing Seminar, where insiders give you their favorite picks of the day.”

Money Saving Hack #5 BONUS:
If a staffer sees a food contest we enter, why you ask? Because we get to eat FREE…Funnel cake, watermelon, cheeseburger, pizza….

When my kids were younger they liked entering contests while spending time at the Fair; they entered scavenger hunts, hippity hop races, photo scavenger hunts, and so many more…I was thrilled because these contests were FREE to enter

We have watched every single FREE show like freestyle motocross, monster trucks, local dancers, local bands, demolition derby, livestock show, magicians, clowns, petting zoo, pig races, and the list goes on and on….



MONEY SAVING HACK #7: Our most favorite hack for 2018 is this….Catching a concert in a FREE reserved seat (with admission, of course). So you’re at the Fair, you saved on admission, food, you rode your bike, and now you want to catch a FREE concert, but didn’t buy a ticket in advance. Listen up! Visit an information booth and ask them how you can get a FREE ticket. The Information Booth attendants will have a bar code that you can scan on your smart phone and BAM, just like that you can download any available FREE seats inside the Amphitheater.


If you have other hacks we should know about let us know, we are always looking at more ways to save money!